Teardrops (Unplugged) Lyrics Tazzz Ft. Rita Morar & Raxstar

Teardrops (Unplugged) Lyrics Tazzz Ft. Rita Morar & Raxstar

Teardrops (Unplugged) Lyrics Tazzz Ft. Rita Morar & Raxstar

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Artist: Tazzz

Title: Teardrops (unplugged) Ft. Rita Morar & Raxstar

Produced By Tazzz

Orchestrated By Luke Masih

Teardrops (unplugged) Video Songs Tazzz Ft. Rita Morar & Raxstar

Tazzz Releases The Beautifully Orchestrated Unplugged Version To His Highly Acclaimed Single “teardrops” Feat. Rita Morar & Raxstar, Which Continues To Gain Massive Success All Over The World And Has Become The Love Ballad Of The Year.

“teardrops” (unplugged) Is Timeless Music In Its Purest Form Which Is Soothing To The Soul, A Musical Symphony Amid Live Strings & Chords That Pierces Through The Core Of Ones Heart.

Accompanied By An Epic Video, Exceptionally Executed To Match The Emotions In A Classical Yet Innovative Way Portraying A Story Of Heartbreak And Love That Is Lost.

Teardrops (Unplugged) Lyrics :

If You’re Burning I Am The Flame,
Now You’re Sharing Half Of The Pain,
Tables Turning Part Of The Game,
We Fell Out Of Love But Who Was To Blame?
“you, You” Didn’t Remain,
“me, Me” Living In Fame,
Now We Walk On Two Different Paths,
When It Used To Be The Same Lane,
I’m Not Going To Brag And Say That You Wont Find Another Like,
But I’d Like To See How Somebody Else Could Be Your Lover Type,
Our Kodak Moments Are Now Tainted Memories Of The Past,
Ill Stay Positive, You Keep Negatives Of Our Photographs.


Naina Lagiyan Barishaan Te Sukke Sukke Sapney Ve Pijj Gaye
(my Eyes Are Raining And Even My Dreams Have Become Soaked)

Naina Lagiyan Barishaan Rove Palkan De Kone Vich Neend Meri
(my Eyes Are Raining While My Sleep Cries In The Corners Of My Eyelids)

Naina Lagiyan Barishaan Hanju Digdey Ne Chot Lage Dil Te
(my Eyes Are Raining, Tears Fall And My Heart Aches)

Naina Lagiyan Barishaan Rut Birha De Badlan Di Chhaa Gayi
(my Eyes Are Raining As The Season Of Dark Clouds And Separation Approaches)

How Many Nights Has It Been Now?
I Don’t Even Know Where You Live Now
I Don’t Want To Talk About How We Coulda Woulda
But We Should’ve Been Married With A Kid Now
We Even Had The Names Picked Out &
Time Stood Still But It’s Racing Now
Tell Me Why Did You Leave For?
On The Same Track But You Took A Detour
I Just Want To Know Why You Lied
You Ain’t Ever Gonna Have What We Had With A New Guy
Deep Down You Know That I’m Right
Remember The Night I Was Holding You Tight
And You Told Me To Never Let Go
I Pray To The Angels Heaven’s Involved
And They’re Crying It’s Their Tears That Are Falling
And That’s The Rain That We See Every Autumn.

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