YA BABA REMIX LYRICS: Raxstar x Zack Knight ft Rami Beatz

YA BABA REMIX LYRICS: Raxstar x Zack Knight ft Rami Beatz

Raxstar x Zack Knight ft Rami Beatz – Ya Baba (Official Remix) [Lyric Video]

Everybody stopped when you walked in,
Its “All eyes on you,”
It’s too packed (2PAC) to move,
But everybody makes way for you,

So you slide on through.
there’s a table waiting with your friends on it,
Are you looking for love?
Do you depend on it?

Do you Listen to the lyrics,
In Your favourite Songs,
And ask yourself,
Where good men have gone?

Kehndi Ya Albbi, Ya Rouhi,
Kehndi Number 1 Fan Mera Tu Hai,
We Aint got to life to each other,
’Cause we’re gorwn,

Your eyes are telling me,
You dont want to be alone,

I’m reading your body language,
And you’re giving me reasons,
To be attracted,

I could tell by your reaction,
You’re active,
She said i love the accent your rap in,
And if you really want it,
You can have this.

Everything you heard about me,
Spreading rumours tryna bring me down,
You know i ain’t about it,
I’m about the simple life,

Go ahead and dr-dr-drop the fornt for me baby,
I ain’t tryna run game but,
Do you wanna get down with me baby?

When you work it so perfect,
I wanna call you my habibi,
I love it 100 wannna hear you say,

Never caught your name,
But this the perfect place,
To leave the crew go hiding,
We can vibe it till the morning light.

Girl Where you been all my lifetime,
I had premonitions in my mind,
Of the moment here,
You know I’m here,
Come over here,
Let go of fear,
Have we met before?

Answer me with your eyes,
Less is more,
Rumours around me and you,
I ain’t  scared of what people say,

Let them talk,
Ya Albi, Ya Rouhi,
Kehndi Number 1 Fan Mera Tu Hai,
Kehndi I dont really care,
As long as you there,
And i would od anything,
Not to lose her [x2].

Song: Ya Baba (Official Remix) | Artists: Raxstar, Zack Knight & Rami Beatz | Lyrics: Raxstar & Zack Knight.

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