Apna Gham Lyrics – Coke Studio | Bilal Khan & Mishal Khawaja | Translation Added

Apna Gham lyrics, Bilal Khan & Mishal Khawaja, Coke StudioAPNA GHAM LYRICS (with English translation) – with the most melodic vocals of duo of Bilal Khan and Mishal Khawaja, here is the lovely pop-jazz track composed, written also by Bilal Khan. Coke Studio Season 11 has the tune “Apna Gham” performed at its Episode 8.


Ruk jao na thodi dair aur
Lagney lagaa dil kayi dino ke baad,
Teri baaton se, teri ankhon mein
Teri har hansi mein, bhool rahe hum.

Stay for a little while longer
This heart has found someone after a while
In what you say, in your eyes…
In your laughter.. I’m beginning to let go of.

Apna gham, apna gham
Bhoool rahe hum apna gham.
My sorrow, my sorrow
I’m beginning to let go of my sorrow.

Chura loon duniya se tujhe
Par darti hoon mein ke lag na jaye tujhe
Apna gum, apna gum,
(bhool rahe hain apna gam).

I want to steal you from this world
But I fear, that I’ll leave you vulnerable to
My sorrow, my sorrow, my sorrow
I’m beginning to let go of my sorrow, my sorrow.

Apna gham -x8.

Ghuftagoon ki adatein par gai hain janaan
Tu khilkhilatay phool jaisay hansti hai yara
Zindagi say mangta hoon kuch nahi ziada
Sath ho tera aur hathon main hath.

I’ve gotten used to talking to you, love
You laughter is like a blossoming flower
I don’t ask much from life
This companionship and your hand in mine.

Yeh nigah yeh ada teri
Khamoshi say bolti hain yoon hi
Mein tere rang main rut main dhun main sapnn mein
Apna gham, apna gham,
Bhool raha hoon apna gham, apna gham.

Apna gham -x7.

These eyes, this style of yours
They say so much with silence
In your visage your aura your melody your dreams
I am letting go of my sorrow
I’m beginning to let go of my sorrow, my sorrow.

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