Luddi Hai Jamalo Lyrics Translation – Coke Studio Season 11

Luddi Hai Jamalo lyrics, Ali SethiLuddi Hai Jamalo Lyrics (with translation) – The oldest and most liked Punjabi song has been revamped by Coke Studio and the performers are Ali Sethi and Humaira Arshad. Noor Jehan has originally hummed the tune with stanza penned by Khawaja Pervaiz while additional lyric to this new “LUDDI HAI JAMALO” have been contributed by Fazal Abbas. Read the meaning of iconic song verses here.


Duniya te pyar mile, koyi dildar mile,
Aanda suwaad gal baat da,

One hopes to find love in this world, someone to love,
Then it’s a delight talking to one’s paramour,

Khillre ne vaal mere, rehna main naal tere,
Vaada hai pehli mulaqat da,

My hair is spread across my shoulders
And I want to be with you, promise me our first meeting.

Main vi jawaan hoya, bada pareshaan hoya
Labda nayi haani mainu haan da,

I also grew up, I became worried,
I couldn’t find someone worth loving.

Teray laalay lawaan main, laggiyan nibhawan main
Kar tu wi wada nibhaan da,
I’m waiting for you, I’m the kind you can trust
If you promise to be loyal too.

Luddi hai jamalo pao luddi hai jamalo -x4.
Come join in and do the luddi (dance)

Aake kyun tur gaya, rog lag jayay ga
Kalli reh jaangi main, ki maszaa aayega,
Door main layjawaan ga, lagiaan nibhawaan ga
Qaidi main hoya teri zaat da.

Why did you leave, this will bring sorrow
I will become lonely, there will be no joy left,
I’ll take you far away, I’ll keep all my promises
I’m your prisoner.

Luddi hey jamalo pao luddi hai jamalo -x4.

Howaan tathon pare, kyon mera dil darre
Chad ke duniya saari, tere te kyon warre,
When I’m far from you, why is there fear in my heart
Leaving the whole world behind.

Eho te pyar dhola, karaan intezar dhola
Teri te meri baraat da,
Why would anyone sacrifice themselves for you
If you’re there then there is love my beloved
I keep waiting my beloved, for our wedding day.

Luddi hai jamalo pao luddi hai jamalo -x2.

Duniya te pyaar milay koi dildar milay
Aonda suwad gallbaat da,
Khillre ne vaal mere, rehna main naal tere
Vaada ae pehli mulaqat da.

Luddi hai jamalo pao luddi hai jamalo -x4.
Come join in and do the luddi (dance)

Asaan hoyaan ajj puriyan, hai jamalo,
Muk gaiyan sab dooriyan.. -x2.

My wishes have come true
Come join in and do the luddi (dance).

Aaj shagnaan di raat ayi ae
Mere ghar teri baraat ayi ae,

The night of celebration is here
Your wedding party has arrived at my home,

Tu puwa de mainu chooriyan, hai jamalo,
Dhola satrangi chooriyan, hai jamalo.

Put these bangles on me, come join in
These seven colored bangles, come join in.

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