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Roye Roye lyrics Sahir Ali Bagga and Momina Mustehsan, Coke Studio Roye Roye Lyrics (with English translation) from the promising duo of Sahir Ali Bagga and Momina Mustehsan is a pretty good love ballad performed by them at Coke Studio 11, Episode 3. The traditional sounding music has been Zohaib Kazi, Ali Hamza. The below are lyrics to freshly released song “ROYE ROYE” all written by Shakil Sohail and Sahir Ali Bagga.


Sun o’dila way,
Kaisa dard mila way
Oh mere khudaya
Kyun dard banaya,

O heart, what is this pain
O god, why did you create suffering…

Aise chhod na
Dil tod na
Yeh koi mazaq to nahi

Don’t leave me like this
Don’t break this heart
This is not a joke..

Roye roye naina mere -x4.

They shed tears,
These eyes of mine.

Koi majboori
Leke ayi hai doori
Deke dil ne duhayi
Faryad sunai,

Some sort of a compulsion
Is the cause of this separation
The heart wailed, Then pleaded..

Maine paayi hai
Yeh judai hai
Yeh koi mazaq to nahin..

What I have found
Is this estrangement
This is not a joke..

Roye roye nainaa mere -x4.

Apna tumhain kiya magar
Apnay na tum huway,
Kyun seenay say lagaya tha
Kyun ajnabi huway.

I made you mine but….
You never came close
Why did you embrace me
Why did you become a strange,

Injh nayi harday
Jede pyaar karday.

They don’t lose this way
Those who love..

Aise chhod na, dil to naa
Ye koyi mazaak toh nahi.

Don’t leave me like this
Don’t break this heart.

Roye roye, nainaan meray -x4.

They shed tears, these eyes of mine.

Thi mohabbat jo teri,
Wohi qismat main na thi
Toh juda hona hi to zaruri tha,
Baywafa hona bhi to zaruri tha..

Your love was never my fate
(that’s why) it was important to part ways,
It was important to betray

Rabba teray hi haath main,
Thay woh saare hi raaste
Kya mera haath chhodna zaruri tha?
Kyaa mere dil ko todna zaroori tha?

O lord, in your hands were..
All that paths that laid before us..
Was it necessary to let go of my hand?
Was it necessary to break my heart?

Qismat ki meherbaanian
Shikwah kisi se kia?
Sehni pari hain dooriyan
Karte bhi hum toh kia?

These are the blessings of kismet
How can one complain to someone?
One has had to suffer separation
What, if anything, could we have done?

Ho ainjh nayi karday
Jairhay pyaar karday,

This is not what they do
Those who love..

Mainay paayi hai
Yeh judai hai
Yeh koi mazaak to naheen,

What I have found
Is this estrangement
This is not a joke.

Roye roye naina mere -x4.


Song Credits / information:

Song TitleRoye Roye
Artist(s) Sahir Ali Bagga, Momina Mustehsan
Lyrics Writer(s)Shakil Sohail, Sahir Ali Bagga
AlbumCoke Studio 11, Episode 3
Producer(s) & Director(s)Zohaib Kazi, Ali Hamza
Composer(s)Sahir Ali Bagga

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