Wah Jo Kalaam Lyrics (Translation)- Coke Studio | Asrar Shah, Shamu Bai & Vishnu

Wah Jo Kalaam lyrics, Asrar ShahWah Jo Kalaam Lyrics (with translation in English) with a soulful folk-rock feel is a collaboration of trio of Asrar, Vishnu and Shamu Bai. This song is performed at Coke Studio on its Episode 8 of 11th Season. Ustad Sultan Ahmed is composer behind the music tune and Asrar also has drafted down lyrics to “WAH JO KALAM” track released newly.


Wah-wah jo kalaam buddho
Shah jo kalaam buddho,
Dharti jay putt jo pehreyo’n pehreyo’n salam buddho.

Listen to this remarkable poetry
Listen to shah’s poetry
Accept the first salutations from the son of the land.

Wah wah jo kalaam buddho
Shah jo kalaam buddho

Mast qalandar, laal qalandar, mast qalandar,
Mast qalandar laal qalandar
Saeen qalandar peer qalandar,

Masto mast qalandar laal -x3,
Masto mast qalandar.

Wah wah keenjhar jabal smandar
Wah wah keenjhar,

The beautiful keenjhar (lake) or the sea
The beautiful keenjhar (lake),

Jhar jo pani, makhan maani, prem kahani wah wah
Maano mitha, hitay e ditha, sabhay e hit aa wah wah
Alan budho, juman budho, bhagat kanwar raam budho.

Sweet water, buttered bread, the story of love is amazing
These kindhearted people that I met here were all amazing
Listen to alan, listen to juman, listen to bhagat kanwar raam.

Wah wah jo kalaam buddho, shah jo kalaam buddho
Dharti jay putt jo pehreyo’n pehreyo’n salam buddho
Wah wah jo kalaam buddho, shah jo kalaam buddho.

Haider haider abad sohena, haider haider
Beautiful hyderabad, beautiful sage

Murshad sohena, ustad sohena, murshad sohena.
Beautiful teacher, beautiful sage.

Suchi boli, memon kohli, ajrak choli, wah wah
Amb achari jobhan nari rung patari, wah wah
Sachal shah latif inayat subho buddho sham buddho.

The true language, kohl from memon and the ajrak fabric is amazing
Youthful beauty is like sharp mango pickle or millions of colors
Listen day and night to what sachal shah latif has left for us.

Waah waah jo qalaam budho, shah jo qalaam budho,
Dharti jay putt jo pehreyo pehreyo salam buddho
Waah waah jo qalaam budho, shah jo qalaam budho.

Dharti dharam faqeer jo, dharti mohenjo maan
Dharti saa’n gadd dharti thi rahey, bhali kare bhagwaan.

This soil is the ascetic’s faith, this soil is is my honor
Become one with this dust and the lord will protect you.

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