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Baarish song lyrics english translation - Bilal SaeedBaarish Lyrics from the most promising song-maker Bilal Saeed, is his latest Punjabi single track released today. Here are English translation of song lyrics to define the meaning of baarish song lines penned by Bilal.


Intro Poetry,
Main jal raha hoon teri duriyon mein door kaheen,
Tere dil mein dabee koyi toh aatish hogee,
Aaj aayi hai fir say yaad teri,
Aaj lagtaa hai fir barish hogi
Please come back, I miss you.

Somewhere far away from you, I have been burning over the distances bewteen us,
There must be some heat of love in your heart too,
Today I am missing you again,
It seems like it is gonna rain today,
Oh dear, please come back to, I miss you.

Kaali raat te howe payi baarish,
Teri yaad kare payi saazish,
Naale dil di eh farmaish,

I wish it would be raining in a dark night,
And I would be intrigued by your memories,
While my heart shall have only wish that….

Tu ikk waari aaja vey
Te dil zara lag jaawey,
Je kik vaari aa jaawey,
Te dil zara lag jaawey.

If you come back once, dear,
Heart of mine shall be satisfied in your presence.

Mushqil dil nu ajj samjhana,
Tainu sajjna paina ae aana,
Jaageya phir ik dard purana,
Kol bithaake tainu sunana,

It is very hard to give excuse to my heart today,
So you have to come, my love,
An old pain has been troubling me again,
And I have to tell it you while sitting along with you.

Marjaane is chandray dil di,
Pouri ho jaaye khaahish.

May desire of this pity heart come true.

Je ik waari aa jaavey
Te dil zaraa lagg jaavey.

My heart shall be only comfortable, if you come at least once.

Do jaana ne ik ajj hona
Akhiyan da vi nit hajj hona,
Maaf karee je vekhi jaawan
Vekhne de naiyo chajj ajj hona,

Two lives shall become one today,
And our eyes shall be pleased to see each other everyday,
Excuse me my love, If I seem to be keep starring at you,
Because I won’t get it enough of seeing you.

Laake seenay deja mainu
Saahwan di garmaaish,

Oh love, hug me and bring me the warmness of your breathe.

Je ik wari aa jave
Te dil zara lag jave.

Dear, if you could visit me for once, My heart shall would be pleased & relaxed to have you around .

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