Gallan – Manj Musik

GALLAN is a latest song in lyrics writing of Jaani and music, vocals of Manj Musik featuring Candice James. Director Birdi created music film of Punjabi song and Muzik One Production House produced it. Get meaning of song gallan verses here.


Main Tere Naal Hunde Vi Kalla,
Jind Meri Sarhdi,
Main Tere Naal Hunde Vi Kalla,
Jind Meri Sarh Di,
Tu Ainve Maardi Aein Gallan

Tu Ainve Maardi Ae Gallan,

Mainu Pyaar Nahi Kardi,
Tu Ainve Maardi Ae Gallan.

Being With You, I Still Feel Alone,
My Heart Burns,
You Just Say It Only, You Don’t Love Me.

Kal Dawaayi Cheez Tainu,
Agle Din Bhul Jaani Ae,
Tu Do Second Vich Kudiye Ni,
Har Munde Naal Khul Jandi Ae.

Just Yesterday I Bought You Things,
And Next Day You Forget It,
In A Moment You Get Frank With Every Other Guy.

Jaani Bina Tu Das De Kiniya,
Caran Vich Chad Di, Ja Ja,
Tu Ainwe Maardi Ae Gallan,

Except Jaani, How Many Other Cars You Ride In,
Go Away!

Mainu Pyaar Nahi Kardi,
Tu Ainve Maardi Ae Gallan.

Tu Ki Laina Hai Yaaran Ton,
Tu Ki Laina Hai Pyar’an Ton,
Tainu Matlab Mere Paise Naal,
Tainu Matlab Meriyan Car’an Ton.

What you want from guy friends ?
What do you want from love ?
You are just interested in my money
and in my cars.

Tainu Shad Ke Taahin Challa,
Tu Rab Ton Nai Dardi,
Tu Ainve Maardi Ae Gallan.

Thatswhy, I’m leaving you
You’re not even scared of God,

Mainu Pyar Nahi Kardi,
Tu Ainve Maardi Aein Gallan.

You just talk big only, never love me.

Gallan - song Manj Musik

Album: Gallan (Punjabi Billboard)
Singer, Music Producer: Manj Musik
Lyrics Writer: Jaani
Label: Zee Music Company
Video: Director Birdi
Released: 07 Feb,2018

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