Kho Na Baithan Lyrics – Kulwinder Billa

Kho Na Baithan Lyrics – Kulwinder Billa

Kulwinder Billa Kho na Baithan song

Pop Punjabi singer ‘Kulwinder Billa’ has released his brand new song ‘Kho Na Baithan Lyrics’ composed by Jassi Bros.The song is all about expressing love to your beloved ones.Beautiful music video of ‘Kho Na Baithan’ song is directed by Sukh Sanghera & released under the music label of Kamlee Records Limited.

Album/ Song Name: Kho Na Baithan

Singers: Kulwinder Billa

Music Director: Jassi Bros

Lyrics Writer: Gaama Sidhu

Music Label: Kamlee Records Limited

Meaning of the song: Kulwinder Billa sings this song from girl’s side who expresses her lover that my heart is very delicate regarding our relationship.It was very scared before i got you and after getting you it still makes me worry that i don’t lose you.

Kho Na Baithan Lyrics is most recent romantic Punjabi song for which Kulwinder Billa has lend his soothing voice and music director ‘Jassi Bros’ has enhanced its grace by giving it such a lovely music composition.The song is all set to rule the music charts of Asia and blow your minds, here your can read its lyric in Punjabi with English translation and HD youtube video.After watching it you won’t just download it, even will fall in love with it to put it repeat for all day & all night long.

Kho Na Baithen Lyrics

Rab pooje ne tere aawan layi,
Rab pooje ne tenu paawan layi [x2],

Sukhan sukhiyan main sajjna,
Tere naa naam mil khawan layi [x3],

Ve main dardi aan, Taiyon larhdi naa [x2],
Vakh ho na baithan,

Tenu paun toh pehla hi,
Bada dil dar da si,
Tenu paake vi dil darda ae,
Kite kho na baithan [x2].

Haan, haan, haan [x2],

Injh lagda ae jive saahan vich saah lena ae,
Mere lahu wangra vich ragaan de vehna ae [x2],

Laga eho churna ve,
Tere naa da surma ve [x2],
Naino cho na baithaan,
Tenu paon to pehla hi,
Bada dil darda si,
Tenu paa ke vi dil darda ae,
Kite kho na baithan [x2].

Instrumentals break,

Tera milna milke jana,
hun nai seh hunda,
Tetho pehlan naam khuda da,
Metho le nai hunda [x2],

Tere naa de bulle de,
Rakhaan buhe khulle ve [x2],
Kite dho na baithan,
Tenu paun to pehla hi,
Bada dil darrda si,
Tenu paake hi dil dar da ae,
Kite kho na bethan [x2].

Instrumentals break,

Unjh pyar tere te ‘Gaameya’ koi shak nahi,
Kyon sakdi kol bitha ke, tenu tak nahi,

Unjh pyar tere te ‘Sidhua,’
Koi shak nahi,
Kyon sakdi kol bithake,
Tenu tak nahi,

Na sataa mainu,
Le mana mainu [x2],
Kite ro na bethaan,
Tainu paon toh pehlan hi,
Bada dil darda si,
Tenu paake vi dil darda ae,
Kite kho na bethaan [x2],
ahaan, haan, haan [loop].
Update: Music of this song sounds like pretty well adapted from Amrinder Gill’s ‘Ki Samjhaiye’ song originally produced by Dr. Zeus.

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