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Kaalame Song Lyrics by A.R. Rahman & Bamba Bakya from ‘Bigil Film’ starring Thalapathy Vijay with Nayanthara.The emotional Tamil track ‘KAALAME’ with lyrics was released on Nov 25, 2019 by Sony Music Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd. Following are the lyrics and lyrical music video both, Check it out.

Kaalame lyrics Bigil Vijay songs
Song Name:Kaalame (Tamil)
Album:Bigil (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Additional Songs))
Singer(s):Bamba Bakya
Lyrics Writer(s):Vivek
Music Director(s):A. R. Rahman
Video Director(s):Atlee Kumar
Actor(s):Vijay, Nayanthara, Jackie Shroff, Vivek, Kathir
Record Label:(P) 2019 Sony Music Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd.
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Kalame Kalame,
Ennai Engu Kondu Pogirai,
Mannavan Saigiran,
Kaigal Katti Parkirai,

Vazhkayin Karanam,
Ennai Vittu Pogudhoo,
Veedhiyil Veera Val,
Thee Pidithu Vegudhoo,

Thirumbi Va,
Ezhundhu Va,
Thirumbi Va,
Ezhundhu Va,

Thunayilla Vazhkayil,
Thunayai Un Kural,
Thirumbi Va,
Nilayilla Koottathil,
Nilaikkum Un Peyar,
Ezhundhu Va,
Ezhundhu Va,

Nee Illa Boomiyil,
Engu Nan Selluven,
Thirumbi Vaa,
Ezhundhu Vaa,
Thirumbi Va,
Ezhundhu Va, Ezhundhu Va,

Malaigalum Mannil,
Malaigalai Dhane Ezhuppidudhu,
Vengai Vazhndha Katileehe,
Vengai Vandhu Nirappidum Kadhaiyo,

Arasan Nano,
Kobam Ondru Eriyudho,
Muttum Pagai Mudiyudho,
Vittu Vaitha Kalathilea,
Singam Ondru Nuzhaiyudho,

Ezhundhu Vaa (x4).

Kaalamae Kaalamae, Ennai Engu Kondu Pogiraai,
O Time keeper! Defender of my destiny. Where are you taking me?
Mannavan Saaigiraan, Kaigal Katti Paarkiraai,
The king is sliding down defenselessly.
With hands tied haplessly you’re watching helplessly.

Vaazhkayin Kaaranam, Ennai Vittu Pogudho,
Is my life’s reason for my birth leaving me all alone on earth?
Veedhiyil Veera Vaal, Thee Pidithu Vegudho,
Is the brave sword, eternal champion dying in a blaze of glory out in the open.

Thirumbi Vaa, Ezhundhu Vaa,
Come back to me. Get up with your vision and vitality.
Thirumbi Vaa, Ezhundhu Vaa,
Come back to me. Get up with your boundless energy.

Thunayilla Vaazhkayil, Thunayaai Un Kural,
Thirumbi Vaa, Nilayilla Koottathil,

My life can’t function without you.
I want your voice as my eternal echo.
Come back to me somehow.
In a crowd without perpetuity.

Nilaikkum Un Peyar, Ezhundhu Vaa,
Ezhundhu Vaa,

Your name will be imprinted for posterity.
Bounce back into my life.
Crossing hurdles of strife.

Nee Illa Boomiyil, Engu Naan Selluven,
Thirumbi Vaa, Ezhundhu Vaa,
Thirumbi Vaa, Ezhundhu Vaa, Ezhundhu Vaa,

Without you in this world by my side where will I go, how will I survive?
Father, come back.
Come, we can counter-attack.
Come back to me. I want you in my life for eternity.

Malaigalum Mannil, Vizhumpozhudhu,
Malaigalai Dhaanae Ezhuppidudhu,
Vaengai Vaazhndha Kaatilae,
Vaengai Vandhu Nirappidum Kadhaiyo, Arasan Naano,

When a mountain gets razed to the ground another mountain unfolds on its own.
In a jungle where a leopard ruled Another one filled its shoes unschooled.
Am I the king, by necessity jostled?

Kaalame is one of the two additional Tamil songs released from Thalapathy Vijay & Nayanthara’s blockbuster Tamil movie ‘Bigil’, directed by Atlee Kumar. Bamba Bakya is the vocalist in playback with its Tamil lyrics from Vivek. A.R. Rahman has directed music for the Kaalame track.

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