Trend Song – AAA Movie | STR, Shriya Saran

The first song from AAA movie (Anbanavan Asaradhavan Adangadhavan) has released today. The track is named as “Trend song” and it’s really a appropriate name for it. The Tamil tune starts off quite slowly with Simbu talking about his love and shouting out dialogues in agony.As  the listeners feel like it’s another song about pain of love (sadness) the scene changing line comes “Vaazhnaal Muzhuka to Iniki Nightu MattumNee” the song gives a different pace to song and there comes Yuvan’s BGM and EDM to add extraordinary spice to STR’s own written lyrics which surely has potential to break the records and become the next viral sensation as the song is already in YouTube’s trending music and has hit more than 7 lakh views in just three days.

Trend Song Lyrics from STR & Shriya Saran starrer latest Tamil movie AAA (2017) directed by Adhik Ravichandran.T R Silambarasan has beautifully sung the song “TREND” with its powerful music produced by Yuvan Shankar Raja and lyric crafted by STR.

Track Name: Trend Song

Album / Movie: Anbanavan Asaradhavan Adangadhavan (AAA)

Artist(s): STR, Shriya Saran, Tamannaah

Singer: T R Silambarasan

Director: Adhik ravichandran

Music Director: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Lyricist: STR

Label: Lahari Music


yenamo oru maari,
pudhusa irukudhu,
yedho oru maari pannudhu,
enadhu what’s happening?

enakula enna nadakuthu-nu,
naan eppadi solradhu?

idhu kaadhala, idhudhan kaadhala,
oh idhan kaadhala,
illa ippadi dhan irukuma, therilaye,
aiyayo! oh my god.

Patta paaadanum-nu,

Aana paadamudilaye,
eppadi paadanum-nu therila,
lyric varala,
music varala,
tune varala,
oru-oru varala.

Ana paadanum-nu aadanum-nu, thonudheee.

Paada thonudhu enanamo thonudhu
vera enanamo varudhu.

Enna vera maari pannudhu,
enna pottu thakudhu,
enna thalakizha pottu thiruputhu,
ennamo aayiduchu,
oh yes this is love right,
idhu love da, idhu dhan love da.

Idhu lov-u daa,
and I want it more,
ennadhu idhu girl,
I’m in love with you,
but you know what I don’t care.

Nee vaznaal muzhuka,
yen kuda irupiyanu,
yenaku theriyila,

illa inaiki oru naal mattum,
illa inaiku night mattum,
nee kadhal panna podhum.

iniku iniku
iniku night, iniku night, iniku night
iniku night mattum nee kadhal panna podhum.

# iniku night mattum nee kadhal panna podhum (x4),
iniku night mattum nee girl friend aana podhum (x2),

iniku night mattum nee (x2),
#iniku night mattum nee girl friend aana podhum,
podhum, podhum (x2).

Hey! ashwin thatha,
un surukam sweet-ah,
nara mudiyum cute-ah,
un thoppa hot-ah.

Irundha house-u,
gallata dhan,
we wanna party,
with you dhan unn datting chatting,
romba naughty,
ashwin thatha mania.

Bell bottom slim fit aanadhe,
love letter whatsapp aanadhe,
kal dosa pizza vaanadhe,
saarayam scotch aanadhe.

Cassette-um cd aanadhe,
katta vandi benz aanadhe,
film rool-um digital aanadhe,
ammi kal mixi aanadhe.

Apo-vo MGR-u,
ippo naanum STR-u,
I’m little star-u,
aaven nanum super star-u,

sanni yoda power-ah paaru,
fans oda maasa paaru,
andavan arul-a konjam,
thaduthu paaru.

Iniku night mattum nee kadhal panna podhum.

Dp potta palla likes-u,
nee live-ah pona palla views-u,
nee tweet-u panna sensation,
nee love-ku vera rendition.

Oh my god-nu,
un look-ah paathu,
nee hit-u dhan summa,
trending dhan,
ashwin thatha mania.

Manmadha leelai-ya (x2),
manmadha leelai-ya vendrar vundo (x2),
manmadha leelai-ya (x2).

Iniku night mattum nee girl friend aana podhum (x2),
iniku night mattum nee (x2),
iniku night mattum nee girl friend aana podhum.

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