Baarish Lyrics Translation | Mahira Sharma | Paras Chhabra

Baarish Song Lyrics by Sonu Kakkar & Nikhil D’Souza with their official English translation feat. Paras Chhabra & Mahira Sharma. Tony Kakkar is the lyrics writer, and composer of music, while the romantic music video has the direction of Dhruwal Patel.

Mahira Sharma Paras Chhabra baarish lyrics English
Song Name:Baarish
Singer(s):Sonu Kakkar, Nikhil D’Souza
Lyrics Writer(s):Tony Kakkar
Music Director(s):Tony Kakkar
Music Video Director:Dhruwal Patel
Music Video Features:Mahira Sharma, Paras Chhabra
Record Label:Desi Music Factory


Dil Yeh Kanch Ka Hai, Dil Yeh Kanch Ka Hai,
Par Iske Tootne Ki Awaz Na Kisi Ne Kabhi Suni Hai,
Jitna Bhi Sambhalo Yeh Dil Nahi Hai Sambhlta,

This heart of mine is fragile like glass,
But no one has ever heard it shattering.
No matter how hard I try, this heart eventually tends to go out of control.

Dard Kaise Dekhoge Tum Mere Dil Ka,
Barish Mein Ansuon Ka Pata Nahi Chalta,

How will you be able to identify if my heart is grieving?
Since the tears are barely visible during the rain.

Teri Meri Kahani Ke Kisse Bade Hain,
Toota Hai Dil Bikhre Huwe Hisse Parhe Hain,

Our love story combines many tales.
My heart is broken, and its pieces are shattered all over the place.

Aja Tu Aja‌ Hai Dil Yeh Pukare,
Pagal Sa Dil Hai Yeh, Kaun Sambhale,
Kyun Ho Gaye Tum Mujhse Juda,

Please, come over, dear. My heart is calling for you.
This heart of mine is silly. Who else should handle it?
Why did you separate away from me?

Pyar Sacha Har Kisi Ko Kyun Nahi Milta,
Barish Mein Ansuon Ka Pata Nahi Chalta,

Why doesn’t everyone find true love?
The tears are barely visible during the rain.

Dil Ke Dardon Ki Dawa Hoti Nahi Hai,
Ankhein Meri Bhi Bin Tere Soti Nahi Hai,

There is no medication for a grieving heart.
Even my eyes don’t agree to sleep without you.

Mohabbat Junoon Hai Khatam Ho Na Paye,
Mit Na Sakegi Chahe Hum Mill Na Paye,
Adhuri Rahi Main‌‌, Adhura Tu Raha,

Love is my passion, and it will not end even if we may never meet again.
Yet we both remain incomplete.

Kya Wajah Hai Jo Tu Mujhse Ab Nahi Milta,
Barish Mein Ansuon Ka Pata Nahi Chalta,

What is the reason you don’t come and see me?
The tears can hardly be spotted when it is raining.

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