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Faaslon Mein Song from Baaghi 3 is a likeable track having Sachet Tandon’s voice in playback. Sachet-Parampara also produced the entertaining music for this track, as the video is filmed on Tiger Shroff with Shraddha Kapoor. Get the translation of Faaslon Mein Full Song Lyrics in the English language and find out the meaning of its stanza.

Faaslon Mein song lyrics translation Baaghi 3

Faslon Mein is a just-released song from Tiger Shroff starring Hindi action thriller film with direction Ahmed Khan. It is a romantic-sad Hindi track and Shabbir Ahmed is the songwriter who delivered the verses. Sachet-Parampara has worked on the flawless music tune, as Sachet Tandon also has amazingly crooned the lyrics.



Faslon Mein Bant Sake Na Hum Judaa Hoke,
Even the distances couldn’t divide us.
Main Bichhad Ke Bhi Raha Pura Tera Hoke,
Even though I was away from you, I always completely remained yours.

Kyun Mere Kadam Ko Aag Ka Dariya Roke,
Why is there a sea of fire restricting my footsteps toward you?
Kyun Humko Milne Se Ye Dooriyan Rokein,
Why are these distances acting as obstacles between us?

Ab Ishq Kya Tumse Karein, Humsa Koyi Hoke,
Now, how is ‘One’ supposed to love you while he is in a state like mine?
Saans Bhi Na Le Sakein, Tumse Alag Hoke,
I cannot able to breathe, when away from you.

Main Rahun Kadmon Ka Tere, Humsafar Hoke,
I want to be the companion, who takes every step alongside you.
Dard Sare Mit Gaye, Humdard Jab Se Tu Mila,
All of my pains were relieved as you turned my sympathizer.

Kyun Sab Humse Jal Rahe Hain,
Why is everyone jealous of us?
Kyun Hum Unko Khal Rahe Hain,
What makes us so unacceptable?

Haan Ye Kaisa Junoon Sa Hai,
What sort of passion is it?
Hum Ye Kis Raah Chal Rahe Hain,
Where is this dedication taking us?

Haan Meri Is Baat Ko Tum, Zehan Mein Rakhna,
Please, keep it in mind;
Pul Hoon Dariya Ka Main, Tu Mujhpe Hi Bas Chalna,
I am like a bridge over the river, so you only walk over me.

Har Janam Mein Ishq Banke, Hi Mujhe Milna,
I wish you to be the love of my life in every life that I may get.
Teri Saanson Se Hai Meri Dhadkanon Ke Kafile, Hmm,
Your and my breaths share a steady bond.

Faaslon Mein Bant Sakey Naa, Hum Judaa Hokey,
Even the distances have failed to divide us.
Main Bishad Ke Bhi Rahaa, Poora Tera Hokey,
Even while I was away, I always belonged to you.

Main Rahun Teri Zameen Ka Asmaan Hoke,
I would be in your life, like the skies above the land.
Main Bichhad Ke Bhi Raha, Pura Tera Hoke,
Even When I was away, I always belonged to you.
Aur Main Nahin Hargis Rahunga Dastaan Hoke,
On no account, I can accept our love to merely a story.


Faaslon Mein Song Details

Film/Album: Baaghi 3
Lyrics by: Shabbir Ahmed
Singer: Sachet Tandon
Composer: Sachet-Parampara

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