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Rula Ke Gaya Ishq Tera Song with the translation of its full lyrics in English. Stebin Ben has voiced the track ‘RULA KE GAYA’, and below, you may find its meaning. The talented artists filmed in the music video for this beautiful track are Bhavin Bhanushali with Sameeksha Sud & Vishal Pandey & Niah Khan.

rula ke gaya ishq lyrics meaning in english
Song Details
Title of Song:Rula Ke Gaya Ishq Tera
Vocalist(s):Stebin Ben
Star Cast:Sameeksha Sud, Vishal Pandey, Niah Khan, Bhavin Bhanushali
Music Director(s):Sunny Inder
Music Company:© 2019 Zee Music Company


Kaash Tu Mere Haq Mein Hota,
I wish you were by my side now.
Banke Yaqeen Shaq Mein Hota,
With having endless faith in you, I would still pretend to doubt you.

Par Aisa Huwa Nahin,
But it did not happen.
Tu Hai Meelon Door Kahi,
As you are somewhere far away from me.

Tere Sang Pal Do Pal Ko,
Hasna Jo Chaha To,
I desired to enjoy your company for a moment.

Rula Ke Gaya Ishq Tera,
But your love has reduced me to tears.
Ke Maane Nahi Dil Ye Mera,
My heart doesn’t listen to me anymore.
Kaise Chup Main Karaaun Ve,
How do I console it now?

Yaar Bichhda Mila De Koyi,
Somebody, please bring me to my lost beloved.
Aankhaan Raundiyan Zaar Zaar, Hansa De Koi,
My eyes are consistently shedding tears, please do me a favor and make me smile.

Rula Ke Gaya Ishq Tera,
Your love has left me in tears.
Ke Maane Nahi Dil Ye Mera,
This heart of mine doesn’t accept it.
Kaise Chup Main Karaaun Ve,
How can I console my heart now?

Khaabon Se Zyada Aansuon Se Dosti Kar Baithe,
My friendship is closer to tears than my dreams.
Jeene Ki Khahish Mein Lamha Lamha Mar Baithe,
In the hope to live, I have been choking every second.

Tu Aise Juda Huwa, Main Raat Tu Subah Huwa,
We are separate now as you are the morning, and I am the night, and we are never going to get together again.
Tujhpe Main Marta Raha, Tujhe Yaad Main Karta Raha,
I kept yearning for you and missing you.

Bhula Ke Gaya Ishq Tera,
Your love has made me forget everything else.
Rula Ke Gaya Ishq Tera,
Your love has brought tears to m eyes.
Kaise Chup Main Karaaun Ve,
How can I console this heart of mine now?

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