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Tanishk Bagchi‘s new Khud Se Zyada Song Lyrics with Translation in English featuring Zara Khan is a refreshing track from him.Learn meaning of ‘Khud Se Jyada Tere Ho Gaye Lyrics’ with also scripted, music production from Tanishk Bagchi.

tanishk bagchi khud se zyada song translation lyrics

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Bewajah Hi Sahi, Mujhse Tum Jo Mile,
Even there wasn’t any reason that we came across each other.
Hum Khud Se Zyada Tere Ho Gaye,
I belong to you more than my own-self.

Woh Teri Nadaaniyan,
The silliness of Yours..
Woh Teri Awaariyan,
The wandering of Yours.
Woh Tujhse Zyada Mere Ho Gaye,
Belong to me more now.

Kya Huwa Jo Duniya Roothe,
What if the world gets upset?
Kya Huwa Jo Dil Ye Toote,
What if this heart gets broken?
Hum Paake Tujhko Tujhme Kho Gaye,
After having You with me, I have lost myself in You.

Hum Khud Se Zyada Tere Ho Gaye,
More than my own-self. I belong to you.
Tere Ho Gaye,Tere Ho Gaye
I belong to you. I belong to you.
Khud Se Zyada Tere Ho Gaye.
More than my own-self. I belong to you.

Thodi Si Bekhabar Hoon,
A little unconcerned I am;
Thodi Si Man Laapata,
and lost a little.

Haal Jo Tera Jo,
The situations You are in now.
Wo Mera Bhi Hai Mujhe Pataa,
I feel the same, I know.

Do Ajnabi Hain Mile,
We two strangers we have met.
Koi Toh Wajah Bataa,
What’s the reason?
Besabar Lamhe Kyun Thehre-Thehre Se Kya Pataa,
The impatient moments seem slowed down. Why is it so?

Kyun Mile Do Dil Hain,
Why these two hearts of ours have come across.
Jab Khona Hi Manzil Hai,
While getting apart is our destiny.

Hum Khudsay Zyada Tujhmay Jee Liye,
I have more in you than.

Hum Khud Se Jyada Tere Ho Gaye (X4).
More than my own-self. I have become yours.

Song Name:Khud Se Zyada (Hindi)
Singer(s):Zara Khan, Tanishk Bagchi
Lyrics Writer(s):Tanishk Bagchi
Music Director(s):Tanishk Bagchi
Actor(s):Tanishk Bagchi, Zara Khan
Record Label:2019 Universal Music India Pvt. Ltd.

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