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Translation for ‘Tootey Khaab Lyrics’ sometimes also spelled as ‘Toote or Tute Khab’ from Armaan Malik with satisfying music direction of Songster. Kunaal Vermaa is lyrics writer for ‘TOOTE KHAB’ & Shabby is film director who shot its music video. Bhushan Kumar is producer of this entire music project, T-series released it.

armaan malik tootey khaab translation lyrics
Song Name:Tootey Khaab (Hindi)
Singer(s):Armaan Malik
Lyrics Writer(s):Kunaal Vermaa
Music Director(s):Songster
Video Director(s):Director Shabby
Record Label:T-Series



Ek Cheez Channa Tere Baad Reh Gayi,
Kho Gaya Hai Tu, Teri Yaad Reh Gayi,

After you were gone, something of you was left behind with me.
You got lost, but it was only your memories which still remain.

Karna Main Ki Is Dil Da Mere,
Saansein Toh Meri,
Tere Naal Reh Gayi,

What am I gonna have to do about this heart of mine?
While my breaths too were gone following you.

Aise Kyun Badal Gaya,
Kya Koyi Hai Mil Gaya,
Dil Poochta Kya Kahun.

Why have you change like that?
Have you already got someone else?
My heart questions me, what should I reply?

Toote-Toote Khaaban Wich Disda Ae Tu,
Mainu Shad Ajjkal Kisda Ae Tu,

I still find you in my shattered dreams.
After me, who do you belong to nowadays?

Tere Baajon Mera Koi Hor Taan Nayi,
Haal Mera Aake Kyun Nai Puchda Ae Tu.

Without you I belong to no one.
Why don’t you come and ask how am I really doing without you?

Oh! Oh! Oh!

Tere Hathon Hath Mera, Chhut Gaya Kyun,
Main Tere Bhaorse Poora Jag Chhadeya,

Why was my hand fated to be separated from yours.
Believing in you, I forgo the entire world.

Jind Kehan Wale,
Saahan Lut Gaya Kyun,
Humsafar Banaake Kyun Ve Jaan Lai Gaya,

You used to call me ‘Life’,
Why have you taken away my breaths then?
After making me your companion,
why did you take everything away?

Roz Roz Na Rula,
Karde Mera Faisla,
Aadhe Mann Se Kaise Main Jiyoon.

Don’t make me yearn and cry for you everyday.
Find me a solution.
How would I live with just half a desire.

Tute Tute Khaaban Wich Disda Ae Tu,
Mainu Chad Ajjkal Kisda Ae Tu,

I see you in my broken dreams.
After me, who do you belong to?

Tere Baajo Mera Koyi Hor Taan Nayi,
Haal Mera Aake Kyon Nai Puchda Ae Tu.

Except you, I have no one.
Why don’t you bother to come and ask that how am I?

Tootey Khaab Song with Hindi romantic lyrics in incredible voice of ‘Armaan Malik’ and marvelous stanza by ‘Kunaal Vermaa’ makes an awesome track. Songster is name of ‘Toote Khaab Lyrics’ music director. Find out meaning of lovable ‘Tute Tute Khaab’ with lyrics in English, by Armaan Malik.


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