Desire Lyrics – Prabh Gill & Raashi Sood

Desire Lyrics with English translation is a romantic Punjabi duet song by Prabh Gill & Raashi Sood. Preet Daudhar is the author of poetic lyrics, and AR Deep composes the track’s music. Arpan Chahal is the director of beautiful video. The following is the meaning of Desire song’s lyrics in English.

Desire song lyrics Prabh Gill Ft. Raashi SoodDesire song lyrics Prabh Gill Ft. Raashi Sood

Song Name:Desire
Singer(s):Prabh Gill, Raashi Sood
Lyrics Writer(s):Preet Daudhar
Music Director(s):AR Deep
Music Video Director:Arpan Chahal


Eh Hawa Vi Paak Hoje, Tere Saahan Nu Chhuh’ke,
Even the breeze can become pure after mixing with your breath.
Wah Khudaya Kya Nazare, Tainu Takiye Je Khalo’ke,
Oh God, it’s fantastic to take a moment and just watch you.

Jis Din Di Tu Mainu Mil Gayi Aein, Meri Zindagi Bahaar Khil Gayi Ae,
My life has blossomed since the day I met you.
Mainu Jeene Di Aas Mil Gayi Ae,
And I have got a hope to live.

Dhadkana Nayi Dhadkana Ne, Hun Tere Ton Door Hoke,
My heart is not going to beat when I’m away from you.
Wah Khudaya Kya Nazare, Tainu Takkiye Je Khalo’ke.
Oh Lord, seeing you is wonderful.

Saah Kose-Kose Thode Behoshe Tere Nashe Te Ho Gaye Ne,
Your beauty has intoxicated my breaths.
Aaye Naa Chir Ton Supne Eh Phir Ton Naina Ch Aa Samo Gaye Ne,
I haven’t been dreaming for a long time, but I’m having them now.

Zulfan De Saaye Raatan Le Aaye, Eh Be-Araam Naina Layi,
Watching your long, beautiful hair has brought comfort to my eyes.
Ik Tere Layi Je Aasan De Beejh Dil Di Main Mitti Bo Laye Ne,
I believe in you, and I hope you also will equally love me.

Mainu Apna Kar Leya Ae, Hun Mere Ton Mainu Kho’ke,
You made me yours by stealing myself from me.
Wah Khudaya Kya Nazare, Tainu Takiye Je Khalo’ke.
Dear God, it’s just lovely to watch you.

Mere Ton Aake Tere Te Muk Gaye, Cha Mere Beshumar Aa Jo
All my desires are now linked to you.
Baatan Nu Meri Sabar Mileya Ae, Bhareya Ae Tu Hungara Jo,
It’s now more comfortable to talk, as you’ve been responding.

Hathan Ch Hath Mudiye Na Bas Ture Hi Jaiye Umraan Layi,
May we hold each other’s hands and keep walking together for years to come.
Bhulda Nahin Main Chhad’da Nahin Dita Ae Tu Sahara Jo,
I’m not going to forget you, nor will I ever leave you, as you’ve given me your support.

Preet Daudhar Reh Gaya Ae, Bas Tera Hi Hoke,
I am totally committed to you.
Wah Khudaya Kya Nazare, Tainu Takkiye Je Khalo’ke.
Oh God, it’s lovely to take a moment to watch you.

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