Dhokha Lyrics (with Translation) – Jass Manak

Dhokha Lyrics with Translation in English – The Punjabi song of Jass Manak has been lyrically told by Sidhu Moose Wala. Meaning for song-lines of ‘DHOKHA’ is shared below. Also checkout the music video.


Ki pushdae deewaneya nu,
What do you ask the lovers
Apneya satt maari,
The beloveds have hurt badly,
Aa gayi sharam beganeya nu,
So, the strangers also felt embarrassed.

Hanjoo palkaan ne rokay nay,
The eyelids have held the tears from shedding,
Kare na koyee pyara bhul kay,
Nobody shall fall in love,
Eh tan naina de dhokhe ne,
Because these are all tricks of charming eyes.

Gal qismat’on dhukeyan di,
It’s about the ones got struck by fate,
Main jaan ohde naam karti,
I gave my life for my beloved.

Ohnu gin’ti na mukkeyan di ,
Yet she/he didn’t bother of my ending.

Ishqe diya raahan ne
These are the love paths,
Lokaan nu ta maut maardi,
People die by death..
Saanu maar leya saahan ne,
But I got killed by breaths.

Sidhu lafz jo kahe hoye ne,
The words told by sidhu (the poet),
Lafaz jo kahe hoye ne,
The words told..

Eh lafaz jo kahey hoye ne
These words told..
Ainvaye naiyo geet ban de,
These aren’t simply told in a song,

Fatt ishq de khaye hoye ne,
I have been struck by love.

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