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do gallan kariye song garry sandhu lyrics translationDo Gallan Kariye Pyar Diyan Lyrics with English Translation have been added here on the multiple requests from our visitors. Garry Sandhu has done great job composing , writing and performing on the beautiful Punjabi love song.

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Chan di chaan’ni thalle behke,
Sitting under the moonlight,
2 gallan kariye pyar diyan,
Let’s talk about our love a bit.

Aja gallan kariye, aja gallan kariye,
Come let’s talk, come let’s talk.

Aaja gallan kariye, do gallan kariye,
Come let’s talk, let’s talk a bit.

Hathaan vich hove tera hath, samaa othay ho khalo jaavay
Your hand would be in my hand and the time shall stop,
Ho tera mera pyar vekh chan, ohle badlaan de ho jaave,
Seeing our love, even though moon also would hide behind the clouds (in shyness).

Aun thandiyan hawavaan seena thaar diyan
Also the cold winds are so satisfying.

Do galan kariye, do galan kariye pyar diyan,
Do galan kariye, aja gallan kariye, aja gallan kariye.

Roohan wich baarishan da paani, ban tere utte varr jaa,
I would become the rain water and rain on your soul,
Mile teri rooh nu sakoon, aisa kujh karja
So your soul would experience peace, I wanna do such thing.

Phul ban ke sajawaan rahwan yaar diyan, do galan kariye,
Or I shall become a flower so I can be used in decoration of my beloved’s paths.

Aja galan kariye, gallan kariye.
Come over, dear, let’s talk.
Do gallan kariye pyaar diya, aaja galan kariye.
Let’s talk something about our love, let’s talk.

Howe aakhri saah te tera naam, baithi kol mere tu howe,
Wish, I would chanting your name in very last of my breaths,
Jadon jawaan es duniya ton, tera mere wall muh howe
While passing away from this world, I shall be facing you.

Sochan sandhu diyan ethe aake haar diyan,
These are the farthest thoughts of sandhu (poet).

Do gallan kariye, do gallan kariye pyar diyan,
Let’s talk, let’s talk about our love, dear,
Do gallan kariye,
Let’s talk.

Do gallan kariye, aja galan kariye, aja gallan kariye.
Aja galan kariye, do galan kariye.



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