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Find out the meaning of ‘Duji Vaar Pyar Lyrics’ by ‘Sunanda Sharma’ with praiseworthy songwriting of Jaani. The following is a romantic Punjabi track and Sukh-E has composed it. Read the English translation for ‘DUJI VARI PYAR SONG’ from Sunanda featuring Mohit Hiranandani in the music video.

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Song Name:Duji Vaar Pyar (Punjabi)
Singer(s):Sunanda Sharma
Lyrics Writer(s):Jaani
Composer(s):Sukh E
Video Director(s):Arvindr Khaira
Actor(s):Mohit Hiranandani, Sunanda Sharma
Music Publisher:Mad 4 Music

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O Mera Pehla Pyaar Tu Si Tu Ae Jaan Da,
Sanu Katheyan Nu Ho Gaye Kine Saal,
You know that you are my first love and we have spent many years together.

Mainu Dooji Vari Pyar Hoya Sohneya,
Duji Vari Vi Hoya Ae Tere Naal,
I have fallen in love for the second time, and this time also it’s you.
Haye Ve Duji Vaar Vi Hoeya Ae Tere Naal,
For the second time also it is you.

Main Kise Hor Wal Vekha Dil Kare Naa,
Kise Hor Wal Vekha Dil Kare Na,
I have no desire to look for someone else.
Hath Mera Hor Koi Hath Fade Na,
No other man should hold my hand.

Gallan Meriyan Hi Chak Gaane Likhda,
Loki Kende ‘Jaani’ Likhda Kamaal,
Other writers write songs by taking notes from my talks.
But people say that only ‘Jaani’ is a real writer.

Mainu Duji Vari Pyar Heya Soneya,
Duji Vaar Vi Hoya Ae Tere Naal,
It is the second time I have fallen in love, and this time also it is you.

Main Tainu Supne Ch Vi Ni Chad Sakdi,
Metho Maar Ke Vi Hona Nhi Eh Paap Ve,
I cannot abandon you even in a dream. I will never do such a sin.
Je Pata Karna Main Pyar Kina Kardi,
Tu Samundar-an Nu Jaake Layin Naap Ve,
If you want to know how much I love you, You can try measuring the ocean.

Besuri Tere Bina Meri Zindagi,
Na Koyi Leh Ae Te Na Koyi Taal,
The life of mine is out of tune without you. It has no rhythm or a beat without you.

Mainu Duji Wari Pyar Hoya Sohneya,
Duji Waar Vi Hoya Ae Tere Naal,
Now is the second time I am falling in love, and both of the times, it has been you for me.

Tera Naam Main Likhaya Meri Bahn Te,
Mere Kamre Ch Teri Tasvir Ve,
I have inked my arm with your name. There are your pictures in my room.

Tere Layi Mein Duawan Eda Mangdi,
Mere Kolo Pareshan Ho Gaye Peer Ve,
I have been crazily praying for you, and even the Gods have gotten irritated by me.

Jadon Hunda Tu Naraz Channa Mereya,
Asi Hathan Utte Dive Laiye Baal,
If you are angry with me, I will light-up lanterns on my bare palms to convince you.

Mainu Duji Vari Pyar Hoya Soneya,
Duji Vaar Vi Hoeya Ae Tere Naal,
I have fallen in love for the second time, and this time also it’s you.

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Check out Sunanda Sharma’s just released Punjabi track ‘Duji Vari Pyar’ sometimes also searched as ‘Duji Vaar Pyar’ and it has touching music film with direction from Arvindr Khaira. Mad 4 Music (YouTube) release the latest song.

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