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Translation to Garry Sandhu’s latest Punjabi sad song ‘Faasle Lyrics’ in English.Learn meaning of Faasle track by G Khan & Garry Sandhu.


Wakh Tere Toh, Zalima Main Hona Nai Si,
I didn’t want to part ways from you, O cruel.
Mainu Chhad Ke Hor Kise Nu Chauna Nai Si,
But You shouldn’t have loved someone else while I was still here.

Bhed Khulan ge Gallan,
Samne Hon Giyan Kadke,
Today I will open all the inside stories.
And will say it all standing right in front of you.

Faisla Tera Si Sajna,
The decision was Yours, O Companion.
Faasle Wadh Gaye Ta Kar Ke,
Which brought distances between us.

Aena Pyaar Tu Kareya Hi Nai,
Jine Badal De Rang Ve,
You didn’t love me as much you have been changing time to time.
Ona Tainu Lutt Laina, Jinna De Firda Ae Sang Ve,
The ones You are associated with now will rob you.
Jinna De Firda Ae Sang Ve,
The ones You are associated with.

Main Shaawan Kariyan Tere Layi,
Chhaawan Kariyan Tere Layi,
I have always brought you comfort;
Aap Dhuppan Wich Khad Khad Ke,
Facing the troubles by myself.

Faisla Tera Si Sajna,
Faasle Wadh Gaye Ta Kar Ke,
The decision You have made has brought distances among us.

Eh Sach Hai Tere Te, Main Raz Ke Zulam Kitte,
Tu Hanju Naina De, Paani Samjh Pite,
It is true that I was cruel to You.
Yet You kept quiet and didn’t shed a tear.

Tere Pyaar De Kaabil Nai,
Hoya Sharminda Haan,
I don’t deserve Your love. I am ashamed of what I did to You.
Tu Maaf Karengi, Main Is Aas Te Zinda Haan,
You would forgive me; I am living in this hope.

Sha Ali, Sha Ali Kahaunae,
You call yourself a poet (or an intelligent person).
Par Akklaan Ton Kacha,
You’re not smart enough.
Sariyan Gallan Jhoothiyan Karda,
All your words are lies.
Unjh Tu Ban De Sachcha,
But You tend to write (or speak) truth.

Zindagi Ton Challe Tere,
I am going away from your life for good.
Udeeki Jaa Hun Tu Khadke,
You could hope for me to comeback all you want.

Faisla Tera Si Sajna,
Faasle Wadh Gaye Ta Kar Ke,
It was Your decision, O cruel beloved, that caused distance among us.

Jad Teriyan Nazraan Hor Ho Giyan, Saddi Akh Vi Royi,
When You suddenly changed, It made me shed tears.
Dasiye Jaa Phir Parda Rakhiye, Jo Sade Naal Hoyi,
Should I tell or keep it a secret, what happened with me?

Sek Si Tere Ishqe Da, Tere Ishqe Da,
It was the temptation (or desire) of Your love.
Main Kola Ho Gayi Sad-Sad Ke,
That has burned me upside down.

Faisla Tera Si Sajna,
Faasle Vadh Gaye Taan Kar Ke,
It was Your decision that caused distance among us.

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