Fikar Lyrics Translation – Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Neha Kakkar | Do Dooni Panj

FIKAR LYRICS with Translation in English to explain the meaning of verses (aka Main Nal Khada Haan tere tu fikar na kareya kar) from Do Dooni Panj Punjabi movie is a duet romantic song. Neha Kakkar and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan have hummed this beautiful Punjabi song.

FIKAR LYRICS – Neha Kakkar, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Do Dooni PanjAlbum: Fikar (From “Do Dooni Panj”)
Vocalists: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan & Neha Kakkar
Lyrics Writer: Vinder Nathu Majra
Music Director: Badshah
Label: Sony Music India



Dil harda harda jit jaave
My losing heart wins then,
Lagg osay pal mera chit jaave,
And my heart settles at the same moment.

Jad fad ke hath mera aa kahwe na darreya kar
When holding my hand my beloved says, “Do not be scared.”

Main naal khada haan tere,
I am standing right next to you,
Tu fikar na kareya kar
You don’t worry, my love.

Dil mera lochda ae, haase tere bullan te
My heart seeks smile on your lips,
Aidan rahve mehakdi tu, khushboo jyo phullan te
I wish you could always be fresh and cheerful like scent from flowers.
Aidan rahve mehakdi tu
Khushboo jyo phullan te

Rahe ishq slaamat sadda, duaavan kareya kar
So our love remains same forever, you could pray for it, dear.

Main naal khada haan tere, tu fikar na kareya kar
I am standing by your side. You don’t have to worry at all, dear.

Tere layi main door karun darr saare jag da
For you, I shall forget give-up on all the fears from world.
Par ve hawavaan vich kadon deeve jagde,
But dear, where got lamps have remained lit in winds.
Unjh roz aakhde soch-soch na khareya kar.
While you oftenly ask me not to think too much.

Main naal khada haan teray
I am here with you,
Tu fikar na kareya kar,
Do not worry, dear.

Main vi naal khadi haan teray
I am here with you, too.
Tu fiqar na kareya kar,
Do not worry, dear.

Vinder Nathu Majrais songwriter of “TU FIKAR NA KAREYA KAR” with music direction done by Badshah and music video released by Sony Music India.


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