Goriyan Gallan Ch Painde Toye Dekh Ke Lyrics Translation

Goriyan Gallan Ch Painde Toye Dekh Ke Lyrics (One piece Italy da) with Translation English – From the most lovable Punjabi songs of this year, “Goriyan Gallan by Sartaj Virk” is also one that audience has poured love for. Ginni Kapoor and artist has performed in music video of trending Punjabi track.

Above is music video of romantic song “Goriyan Gallan” with nostalgic lyrics magnificently hummed by Sartaj Virk.

Goriyan Gallan (feat. Ginni Kapoor) - Single (by Sartaj Virk)

AlbumGoriyan Gallan (Punjabi)
Actor(s)Sartaj Virk, Ginni Kapoor
Music Composer(s)AR Deep
Lyrics WriterJassi Kirar Kot
Video DirectorDilsher Singh, Khushpal Singh


One-piece Italy dá akhan té Chanel ae,
Town déyan mundeya te kari jandi kehar ae,
Wearing a one piece Italy brand suit with Chanel glasses her beauty strikes all the boys from town.

Játt marda teré te gál sun mithiye,
O sweetheart, listen to me. Jatt (I) love you,
Ho munda márda teré gáll sun mithiye,
A handsome has fallen for you, listen, sweetheart,
Tuvi sade náal dilan wali gall khol ni.
You could also your heart to me, dear.

Goriyán gallan ch painde toyé dekh ke,
Seeing adorable dimples in your beautiful cheeks,
Gábru de kaaljé ch pain hául ni,
Makes a young man’s (my) heart nervous.

Haán dull jheel jaiyán e akhan ton munda dárda,
Your eyes are seductive and deep like Dal Lake (a famous lake in Srinagar) and they terrify me,
Tére náal peen nu Frappé dil karda,
I wish to have a Frappé coffee with you.

Sádi vi romantic jahi hoju zindagi,
My life also would become romantic if it happens so,
By God kade kárda makhol ni,
I am telling the truth, not joking with you.

Goriyan gallan ch painde toye dekh ke,
Gabru dé kálje ch pain haul ni,
The cute dimples in your cheeks makes a young man’s (my) heart feel nervous.

Ho jassi vi town tere láike aunda Harley,
Jassi (songwriter) hangs-around in your town riding on a Harley bike,
Cooper ‘ch sundi aá tu Bob Marley,
And You are fond of playing songs of Bob Marley in your Mini Cooper car.

Kari ná kirar Kot wale nu tu naah,
Do not say “no” to me (songwriter from Kirar Kot)
Teré biná dil di blank soul ni,
My soul feels empty without you.

Goriya gallán ch painde toye daikh ke,
Seeing adorable dimples in your beautiful cheeks,
Gabhru dé káaljey ch pain haol ni,
Makes young man’s (my) heart nervous.

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