Jassi Gill – Allah Ve Song Lyrics Translation

Check out the translation for the latest track of Jassi Gill ‘Allah Ve Lyrics’ feat. Alankrita Sahai. Sunny Vik is the director of music and Raj Fatehpur the lyricist. Learn the meaning of ‘ALLAH VE SONG’ by Jassi Gill (also spelled as Jassie Gill).

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Song Details
Title of Song:Allah Ve
Vocalist(s):Jassi Gill
Star Cast:Alankrita Sahai, Jassi Gill
Songwriter(s):Raj Fatehpur
Music Director(s):Sunny Vik
Film Director(s):Navjit Buttar
Music Company:T-Series

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Allah Ve Allah Ve Main Reh Gaya Kalla Ve (x4),
O Lord, I am left all alone.

Main Tureya Janda Si
Ik Dum Thokar Laggi
I was walking and suddenly stumbled.

Jis Layi Si Saah Chalde Ohdi Yaad Maran Laggi,
The one who I was breathing for, her memories started to kill me.

Main Ajj Vi Fiqar Kara Gal Gal Vich Zikar Kara
I still worry about her and literally mention her name everywhere.

Meri Hi Rooh Banke, Meri Rooh Sarhan Laggi,
By uniting with my soul, she started to burn my soul out.

Roya Kinna Hona Eh Dil Mera,
Sun Eh Gallan Ve Gallan Ve,
How much this heart of mine would have cried,
Somebody, listen to this story of mine.

Allah Ve Allah Ve, Main Reh Gaya Kalla Ve (x3),
O Almighty, I am left all alone.

Jaane Anjane Mein Main Khoya Khoya Hoon,
Arey Tum Kya Jaano Re Main Kitna Roya Hoon (x2),

Willingly or unwillingly I am lost,
You don’t know how much I have cried for you.

Mere Dil Mein Kitni Tadap Hai,
Phir Vi Dil Teri Taraf Hai (x2),

My heart cries yearning for you.
Still, it favors you.

Mere Hath Vich Royi Jaave
Tera Chhalla Ve Chhalla Ve
The ring given by you too cries in my fingers.

Allah Ve Allah Ve, Main Reh Gaya Kalla Ve (x4),
O God, I am left all alone.

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Raaj Tera Raaj Tera Ye, Raaz Hi Ban Gaya
Tere Saath Main Qaisa Tha, Tere Baad Kya Bann Gaya,

Your ‘Raj’ (the songwriter) has become a mystery himself.
With you, he was somebody else and after you, he has turned into somebody else.

Aqsar Main Hasta Hu Apne Halaat Pe,
Hum Bichhde Kab Yaara Kab Yaara Sath The,
I frequently laugh at my consequences,
When did we meet and when was the last time we were together?

Duniya Vi Kehndi Mainu Ajj Kal Jhalla Ve, Jhalla Ve
The people too call me ‘crazy one’ nowadays.

Allah Ve Allah Ve, Main Reh Gaya Kalla Ve (x3),
Dear God, I am left alone all by myself.


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