Jatt Di Clip (with Translation) – Singga

Jatt Di Clip Lyrics with Translation in English – The popular Punjabi song by Singga has been musically produced by Western Pendu. Singga is also the writer of Punjabi lyrics.


Western Pendu! Western Pendu!

Singga Bolda Veere,
It’s Singga speaking, brother!

Ho Little Boy wangu naam chalda, Russia, Japan sathon darre hoye aa,
My name is famous like Little Boy and Russia, Japan are afraid of me. (Little Boy was the code name for the type of atomic bomb dropped on the Japanese city of Hiroshima)

Ho potaa mera karu poora maan daade te,
Edaan de main kam kujh karey hoye aa,
Grandson of mine would be proud of me, such things I have done in my life.

BBC de utte yaaro hon charche, Aaj-Tak wale headline mangde,
Oftenly BBC mentions make news out of my name. Also most popular Indian news channel ‘Aaj Tak’ seeks headline by name.
Gharde ji mangde aa time mere toh, autograph mere fan mangde,
My family expects me to spend time with them while fans want autographs.

Ho toll-plaza te si sir paadeya,odon ton hí pendi ayi dhakk balíye,
I knocked somebody’s head off on a tollway. Since then I have been in spotlight.

ho jiddan deyan case-an vich yaar bari hoya,
The kind of court cases I have been released from…
Eh taan yaar tere da good-luck balíye,
It was just my good luck that it could happen so.

Jatt di clip vi, haan clíp vi news ban gi,
A video clip of mine went viral and became a news.
Ni ban gí news jatt moray aa gaya.
Became a news and brought me into the limelight.

Ho don’t worry, don’t worry hoja balliye, yaar tera hiq te toofan jhallda ae,
Do not worry at all, dear. I can take down whatever comes through.
Pablo de wangu duniya ae labdí, jaan layi na jatt nu jawak kal da,
The world is looking for me like I am Pablo Escobar (a Colombian drug lord). Don’t take me as a newbie.

Ho daku Maan Singh da group baliye, jíhde naal behni uthni aa yaar di,
It’s Daku (dacoit) Man Singh’s group I have contacts with.
Range sade ghare aave ya na aave ní, Range-Rover aa rehndi gede maardi,
It could be possible that there is no mobile network coverage around our house but Range-Rover cars make visit oftenly.

Range’ o bahar ho gaye jehde range chhad de, Ho karke spit laiye chak balíye.
And the ones who attempted to escape from me. I am always ready to pick them.

Ho jida deya case-an vich yaar bari hoya,,
Eh ta yaar tere da good luck balíye.
The type of cases I have been exculpated from, It was just my good luck that made it happen so.

Jatt di clip vi, haan jatt clíp vi news ban gi, ni ban gi news jatt mooray aa gaya.
A short video-clip of me, A short video clip of me became a news and Iit brought me into limelight.

Síngga bolda veeray! Ah sun!
It’s Singga bro, Now listen to this one!

Ho appan ni Ambani, Bill Gates bana ge, Modi tak bhaweín approach rakhi ae,
Even though I have contacts with Prime Minister Modi still I don’t want to be rich like Mukesh Ambani and Bill Gates.
Howe ya na howe eh ta ohdi marji, Apne wallon ta purí soch rakhi ae,
It happens or not that lies in God’s hands but I have many other wishes.

Ho agg naal paani ni kade míl sakda, akhan ch lako ke dono rakhe baliye
Water doesn’t mix with fire but I have hidden both deep down in my eyes.

Godde te zubaan jaam kar dine aa,Lai jande hawa jíddan pakhe baliye,
I would break their legs, who oppose me.

Ho jatt de jille ch naiyo varh sakde,
The can’t enter my district,
Kehnde Mahalpur’on laína singga chak baliye,
while they plan to strike at me.

Oh jiddan deyan case’ an wích yaar bari hoya,
Eh taan yaar tere da good-luck baliye.
It was only my good-luck that I have been released from such Police cases.

Jatt di clip vi, haan clip vi news ban gí,
A short video clip of Jatt (mine) went viral and became a news,
Ni ban gi news jatt mooray aa gaya,
It became a news and Jatt (I) came into limelight.

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