Jind Mahi Lyrics English Translation – Diljit Dosanjh

Jind Mahi Lyrics from the most loved Punjabi artist Diljit Dosanjh is here with its translation in English. The Punjabi song verses are jot down by Gurnazar. Below is the meaning of romantic Punjabi song.

Manni Sandhu brings a beautiful music tune to “Jind maahi aaja ve” track and Banita Sandhu is the charming actress filmed in Punjabi music video along with Diljit Dosanjh.


Døor door kyun áe sajna, zara kol te aa
Why are you so distanced from me, dear. Come a little closer to me.
Saahan vich saah paake, aája mujhme samaa,
Breathe along with me. Unifying your body with mine so two of us become one flesh.

Door door kyun ae sajna, zara kol te aa
Haaye saahan vich saah paake, aaja mujhme samaa

Ho jind máhi aaja ve, ø seene laa ja ve
O sweetheart, come over and embrace me,
O dil vich agg jo tu layi, usnu bujha ja ve,
The desire of love you have created in my heart, come and fulfill it.

O jind maahi aaja ve, o seenay laa ja ve
O dil vich agg jo tu layi, usnu bujha ja ve, usnu bujha ja ve.

Ki dassa? Ki mehsoos karaan? Jadon kol tu hove
How to tell it that how better I feel when you’re around,
O mera dil nahiyo lagda, ik pal vi jadon door tu hove,
And my heart becomes restless when you’re not around.

Ho.. Ki dassan? Ki mehsøos karaan? Jadon kol tu hove
Haaye mera dil nahiyo lagdam ik pal vi jadon doør tu hove.

Main khaali tanha, røoh tere vich ve
I am an empty vessel, my soul is in you,
Oh na tadpa sajjna, mujhme sama ja ve,
Do not torment me more dear, come and unite with me.

O jind mahi aajá ve, o seene laa ja ve
Oh sweetheart, come to me and hug me,
O dil vich agg jø tu laayi, usnu bujha ja ve,
The desire of love you created in my heart, fulfill it.

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