Karan Aujla – No Need Lyrics Meaning in English

No Need Lyrics with translation in English language – The most famous Punjabi song “NO NEED” aka “Sanu Lod Nai” with its lyrics meaning and music video, checkout.




O duniya dari paise mari
Kardi rehndi fight aa
People keep fighting after money.
21 tappeya sab pata ki
I am above 21.
Wrong aa ki right aa
I know what is wrong and what is right.
Struggle kitta ae hawa ni kitti
I have struggled in my life but didn’t show off;
Coke nai kitta daaru peeti
I have never consumed any substance like cocaine but I take alcohol, occasionally .
Supne aa wadde jinna
My dreams are grand;
Pichhe ghar chhade
After them I have left my house.
Kise hor nu haraun wali laayi daud nai
Never ran after to take over against others.
Haraa taan sakde aan
Even though I can beat them;
Saanu lod nai
But I don’t need to.
Sab kujh kar taan sakde aan
Everything I mentioned I can do;
Sanu lod nai
But I don’t need to.

Muh te yara pith te khara
They call me brother on face but stab on the back.
Duniya dari jhoothi ae
The people are fake.
Kothe chadh ke lutt ni honi
Can’t catch from the rooftoop.
Chadh gayi guddi uchchi ae
My kite’s flying high in the sky.
Jad v apne laun schema
Whenever our closest conspiring
Odo ne phir tutt di aan team’an
The teams break-up then.
Utte aaya name jatt ajj v aa same
I came into limelight but still I am the same.
Sir chadheya ni fame
The fame, stardom didn’t get into my head.
Kade kitti chaud nai
I have never shown-off.
Kar ta sakde aan saanu load nai
While I can if I want. But I don’t need to.
Sab kujh kar taan sakde aan
We can do anything we want. but we don’t need to.
Saanu load nai, saanu load nai
We don’t need to.
Saanu load nai

Lod pai jandi ae life le jandi ae
Somtimes life make people do unexpected things.
Rich bandeya to painda
When the rich has to;
Mangna gareeban nu
Ask from poor.
Banda bahot mangda hai
Then, man asks more than need.
Odo kithe sangda hai
And doesn’t feel hesitated.
Jado kitte dhid painde paalne aa jeeban nu
When the needy have to serve their stomachs.

Negativity sadde moore nahi tiki
Negativity couldn’t last against us.
Gaane chaahe veche ne zameer nahi biki
Although, I have sold songs but never compromised with my conscience.
Chup nal roli payi aa dukki te tikki
My silence has put down the criticizers.
Bol bol paayi ni zuban main fikki
I didn’t use negative vocabulary for them.
Ek nu dooje di need hai
One needs another;
Load har ek bande pichhe kehnde seed hai
Every man carries a seed in him.
Kite ae sharab kite eh weed hai
Somewhere it is alcohol, weed somewhere.
Jithe poori hundi nahio othe hundi peed hai
Where there it is not enough there is pain.
Aau agg nu seka apde lekha
Da hi mittro khawage
I will only get what is written in my fate.
Nange aaye aan dunia te das
We have come in this empty handed.
Nal ki leke jawage
What are we gonna take along?

Company matter kardi hai
The company of people matters a lot.
Banda better kardi hai
Company makes a man better.
Aujale to sikh yaara
Learn from aujla;
Manzil nu mith yaara aive
Measure your destiny.
Loka baare likh lainda crore nai
He doesn’t simply write and sell songs for millions.
Le ta sakda hai onu load nahi
While he still can. But he doesn’t need to.
Oh sab kuch karta sakta hai
He can do anything he want.
Onu load nahi
But he doesn’t need to.

Saanu load nai, saanu load nai
We don’t need to.
Kar ta sakde aan saanu load nai
We can do it but we don’t need to.

Rehaan records!

Sab kuch kar ta sakde aan
We can do anything we wish
Saanu load nai
But we don’t need to.

Karan aujla!
Ra ra ra, ra ra ra.
Deep jandu!

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