Khadoos Lyrics (English Translation) – Tarsem Jassar

khadoos lyrics with translation by tarsem jassar(1)Khadoos Lyrics – Here is the most loving romantic song of Tarsem Jassar. This tune has just released current week and listeners are interested in reading translation of Punjabi song lyrics. R Guru is composer and Jassar is also songwriter. Avex Dhillon have directed, shot music video of “KHADOOS” produced by Manpreet Johal.


Aina kyon khadoos aan ve
Khoon laina choos aan ve,
Kini aan diwani teri, tu ni jaan da.

Why are you such an ignorant of my love?
you have been tormenting me so much,
How much I love, you don’t know.

Gal-gal utte arhein
Kahton ainve zid karein
Chill maar jatta khushi kyon nai maan da.

Why are you insisting and opposing to everything I say,
Why don’t you keep cool and be happy.

Ainna kyon khadoos aan ve
Khoon laina choos aan ve,
Kini aan diwani teri tu nai jaan da.

why are you so rude to me?
Make me suffer a lot,
How crazy I am for you, you aren’t aware of that.

Ho meriyan vi akhan wich
Rehnde tornado ne
Taan vi tera naam lainde
Mere eye-shadow ne,

I am also steamed nature person yet I chant your name every single blink of my eyes.

Dil tay paigham tera
Bus ik naam tera
Mai jaan’di ya mera rab jaan da.

My heart has your message,
with just your name,
Either my God knows it or me.

Aena kyon khadoos aa ve
Khoon lena choos aa ve
Kini aa diwani teri tu nai jaan da.

What is the reason of you ignoring my love,
This ignorance is killing me,
How crazy I am for you, You do not know that yet.

Push layi saheliya to jatti de vi thatth ve
Suit’an/tohar waale saaday vi tan hunde si rakad ve,

You can ask my friends about my glory,
I have made records in wearing glorious suits.

Aviator te heel paundi
5’9  nu hath laondi
Match tere nal level ae tu hi haan da.

I wear aviator glasses, heels and am 5 feet 9 inches tall,
We make a good match together.

Aina kyu kharoos aa ve
Khoon laina choos aa ve,
Kinni aa deevani teri tu nai jaan da.

Feeling-less jassar’a ve kare na pyaar tu
Sikh le romance kito mang le udaar tu.

Jassar, you’re so feeling-less, you don’t love me at all,
Go and learn to romance.

Koi suni jahi place hove
Jithe na trace hove
Doha da oh joda fire maujaan maan da.

I wish there would be some lorn where nobody could follow us,
And we shall enjoy of life around.

Aina kyon khadoos aa ve
Khoon laina choos aa ve
Kinni aa deewani teri tu nahi jaan da.

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