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Learn the meaning of Punjabi song ‘Laare Lyrics,’ hummed by Maninder Buttar featuring Sargun Mehta in the music video. Following is the translation of Laare Song in English, track stanza scripted by Jaani with suitable music composition of B Praak.

laare lyrics translation sargun mehta maninder buttar
Song Name:Laare (Punjabi)
Singer(s):Maninder Buttar
Lyrics Writer(s):Jaani
Composer(s):B Praak
Video Director(s):Arvindr Khaira
Music Publisher:White Hill Music


Main Sab Kujh Chhad Dita Tere Karke,
Tere Utton Sab Kujh Vaari Baithi Aan,
I have let forgo of everything else for you.

Tenu Pata Taa Hai Par Fiqar Nahi,
Tere Layi Main Yaara Ve Kawari Baithi Aan,
You know well, but you’re not worried at all that I am only a bachelor because I want to marry you.

Yaari Tere Ve Yaari, Jisma Tak Hai Saari Di Saari Yaari (x2),
You’re love is only physical.
Ve Dhakka Hona Mere Naal,
I know that I will get cheated by you in the end.

Mainu Pata Bas Laare Aa,
Ve Tu Viah Ni Karauna Mere Naal (x2),
I know that you are merely making excuses and won’t marry me.

Yaari Tere Ve Yaari,
Jisman Tak Hai Saari Di Saari Yaari (x2),
Your love is only physical.

Akhiyan’ch Surma Main Pauna Chhaddta,
I don’t put kohl in my eyes anymore.
Jagde Hi Rahiye Haye Sauna Chhadta (x2),
I am sleepless I don’t sleep anymore.

Tere Pichhe Chhadte Main Ghar De Mere,
I have put my family aside for you.
Tere Piche Hasna Hasauna Chadta,
I have stopped laughing because of you.
Kyun Raule Pauna Mere Naal,
Why do you argue with me?

Mainu Pata Bas Laare Aa, Ve Tu Viah Ni Karauna Mere Naal (x2),
I know that you are just dragging it. You have no intention of getting married to me.

Na Kise Joga Chhade Aitbar Na Kareyo,
He will completely devastate you.
Kade Kisi Shaayar Nu Pyaar Na Kareyo,
Never fall in love with a poet.

Shayari Vayari Sunn Vaar Na Kariyo,
Don’t lose your heart with one’s persuasive poetry writing.
Kise Joga Chhade Aitbaar Na Kariyo,
He will completely devastate you.

Jaani Naal Laiyan Te Pata Laggeya,
As I fell in love with Jaani (the songwriter),
Kade Kisi Shaayar Nu Pyar Naal Kariyo,
I came to know that one should never fall in love with a poet.
Ho Mera Hoya Bura Haal,
I am in really a bad situation now.

Mainu Pata Bas Laare Aa,
I know that these are just your excuses.
Ve Tu Viah Ni Karauna Mere Naal (x2),
You aren’t going to marry me.

Laare is a song of a girl who is singing it to her beloved that she is very well aware that he is making excuses to her about getting married and has no intension marry her but fulfil his physical needs.


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