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Mere Fikar (Uda Aida) Prabh Gill song translation lyricsMere Fikar Lyrics (with Translation in English) by Prabh Gill – The marvellous Punjabi song is from Uda Aida movie which stars Tarsem Jassar with Neeru Bajwa. Get to know the meaning of all Punjabi song lines.


Mere fikr hawa de vich udd gaye ne sare,
All my worries were gone.

Jado si hath tera
Hathan ‘ch mere aaya,
When I felt your hand in mine.

Mainu rab ne tere nal,
Haye ni aap jado si milaya.
When God himself made me meet you,

Mere fikar have de vich ud gaye,
All my worries vanished away in the air,
Haye saare.
Yes, all of them.

Jadon tere nal si layian,
Main laavan char kudey,
When, following our customs. I circumambulated four times in the holy temple and married you.

Mere dil ne soch laya si,
The heart of mine decided,
Tu ajj ton hakdaar kudey,
That you’re the I belong to now.

Tere roop ch chan dharti,
In your unexceptional beauty of yours,
Te aap utar ke aaya,
The moon and earth have resided together.

Mainoo rabb nay tere naal, haye ni aap jadon si milaya,
The Almighty himself has made me to meet you.

Band taqkeeran wale jindre si khull gaye,
Then, luck of mine started shining.
Paake tenu sanu taan dukh sare bhull gaye,
Having you, made me forget all the griefs.

Sadraan de buteyan nu boor sade pai gaya,
The plants we seeded, grew-up and became ready to be harvested.
Jado lekh tera sade, lekhan nal kheh gaya.
When our fates matched and brought us together.

Injh lagda tainu mere layi,
Si rabb ne eh soch banaya,
It seems that God made you for me.

Mainu rab ne teray naal,
Haaye ni aap jado si milaya.
While God made me meet you.

Sajjre gulaban waang chaa rehn mehakde,
Like the fresh roses, wishes of mine smell good.
Ho gaye udaar jehde supne si sehkde,
The dreams that I was afraid to have, then. Were set free to exist.

Naa’ tere jadon da, main apna aap lavaya,
When I completely considered you mine.

Mainoo rabb nay tere naal,
Haye ni aap jadon si milaya.
It was God’s will that I have met you.



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