Sunanda – Sandal Punjabi Song – Translation of Lyrics in English | Meaning

sunanda sandal song posterCatch the English translation of Sunanda Sharma’s latest Punjabi song Sandal to get meaning of its Punjabi verses. It’s a catchy number produced by Sukh-E and the entertaining lyrics for track come right from songwriter Jaani.

The song is from a girl who is taunting her ex-boyfriend, mocking at his new girlfriend by singing, “your new girlfriend isn’t pretty and loving at all. She is no match to my beauty.”


Na mere wangu nak ae tikha-tikha,
She doesn’t have an attractive pointed nose tip like mine.
Na mere wangu thoddi thalle til ae,
Neither she possesses a beautiful mole on chin.

Na ohde wich nakhra mere warga,
She doesn’t have a style like mine.
Naa mere warga ohda dil ae,
And doesn’t have such heart too.

Ohde vaal vekh ke lagde,
Looking at her hairstyle,
15 dina ton dhone aa
It seems she hasn’t showered from weeks.

Teri nawi saheli de naalo
Oh mere sandal sohne aa
Girl taunts her ex-boyfriend saying, “My sandals are prettier than your new girlfriend.”

Tere layi te kudiyan de Ve jaani dil khidaune aa.
Oh cruel, a girl’s heart is like a toy for you. It doesn’t mean much to you.

Oye teri nawi saheli de naalo Oh mere sandal sohne aa.
Even my sandals are prettier than your current girlfriend.

Na mere wangu nakk ae tikha-tikha,
Na mere wangu thoddi thalle til ae.

Tainu pata ni lagda Ki-ki choriyan kardi ae,
You have no clue what else she has been hiding from you.
Ve oh filter la-la Photo’ an goriyan kardi ae,
She beautifies her pictures with photo-editing tools.

Ohde Gucci jaali Jaali ae Prada ve,
Her luxury Gucci and Prada outfits are fake.
Oh kithon copy kar lau Rang akhan da sada ve,
Also, how could she imitate my eyes color.
Mere kolon aake sikhe Kiddan kajjal paune aa.
She could learn from me, how to apply Kajal.

Ho teri nawe saheli de nalo
Mere sandal sohnay aa (x2),

Tere layi te kudiyan de ve
For you Jaani,
Jaani dil khidaune aa.
Hearts of girls are merely toys.

Oh tenu lutt ke kha ju ve,
She will make us of your wealth.
Kardi kala jaadu ve,
Also, she uses black magic.

Oh tera naam mere jaani,
My beloved, your name,
Oh badnaam karaadu ve,
She will surely defame.

Mere wangu nai ohne tere kale Tikke laune aa,
She wouldn’t care for you so much and cast off evil’s eye on you, as I do.

Teri navi saheli de naalo Oh mere sandal sohne aa.
The sandals of mine too are attractive than your new-girlfriend.

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