Tere Yaar Bathere Ne Lyrics Translation in English | Sakhiyaan by Maninder Buttar

Tere Yaar Bathere Ne Lyrics with Translation in English, Sakhiyaan ne taane mainu maar diyan Punjabi song by Maninder Buttar. Sakhiyan song lyrics meaning.


Sakhiyaan ne mainu mehne maar diya,
My friends taunt me,
Uddiyan ne gallan channa pyar diya,
The news about our love is in public now.

Shaam nu tu kithe kihde nal huna aa,
In the evenings, where and with who you are,
Vekhiyan main photo-an ve car diyan
I have seen pictures of the car.
Mainu darr jeya lagda ae, dil tut na jaaye vichara,
I am afraid that my poor heart would completely break.

Tere yaar bathere ne mera tuhi ae bas yaara,
You have a lot of buddies to hang around but you’re my only buddy.

Jado kalli behni aa, khayal eh sataunde ne,
Sometimes when I sit alone, the thoughts disturb me that..
Bahar jaake sunda ae phone kihde aunde ne,
You go out of room and talk over the phone, who would you be talking to?

Kari na please aesi gal kise nal,
Please, do not talk anything inappropriate to anybody,
Ajj kise nal ne jo kal kise nal,
The people who are with somebody today, tomorrow they will be with somebody else.
Tere nal hona ae guzara jatti da,
I am destined to live with you,
Mera naiyo hor koi hall kise nal,
No-one can change that.

Tu jihde ton roke, main kam na karaan dobara.
The thing you stop me from, I would never do it again.

Tere yar bathere nay mera tuhi ae bas yara.
I have only you while you have too many friends to spend time with.

Eh na sochi tainu mutiyara toh ni rokdi,
Don’t think that I only stop you from over-socializing with girls,
Theek ae na bas tere yaran toh hi rokdi
Isn’t it enough that I don’t stop you from spending time with your friends?

Kade mainu film-an dikha deya kar,
Sometime take me for a movie,
Kade kade mainu vi ghuma leya kar,
Or for an outing sometime.

Sare saal wicho je main russa ik vaar,
Out of the whole year if I get angry once,
Aina ku ta ban da manaa leya kar,
I deserve that you come after me and convince me,

Ik pase tu babbu, ik pase ae jag sara.
For me, one side it’s you and whole world on other side.

Tere yaar bathere ne mera tuhi ae bas yara.
You have plenty of friends to cope with but I have only you(so you should pay me importance and spend time with me)

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