Teri Pyari Pyari Do Akhiyan Lyrics English Translation

Teri Pyari Pyari Do Akhiyan Lyrics with meaning in English – Checkout the translation of viral Tik-Tok Punjabi song to know the real meaning of its song lines.




Your perfections, make you perfect,
Your securities, make you secure,
But your flaws, they make you flawless
Sunny boy, Bhinda Aujla.

Sahi jave na judayi sajna,
I can’t bear the distance among us.
Tere bina dil naiyo lagna,
My heart feels restless in your absence.

Teri pyaari pyaari do akhiyan
The loving eyes of yours;
Tadpayein mujhe sari ratiyan
Torment me all night long.

Penda saari saari raat jagna
It keeps me awake for the whole night.
Tere bina dil naiyo laggna,
My heart goes restless in your absence.

Sahi jaave na judai sajna,
I can’t stand the distances in us.
Tere bina dil naiyo lagna.
Without you, my heart feels uncomfortable.

Let’s not break it, baby.
We will make it. No matter it takes whatever.
Hold my hand, we have a **
Let’s call there forever.

Me without you is like a moon without the stars,
The bloods in my veins are **
When it rains,
These love feelings cannot be explained,
I just want it to be me and you
Hoping there is no change.

Meri nazran da noor
You’re the light for my eyes.
Kade hoyin na tu door,
Please, do not ever go away from me.
Maula sayin nu dua main karaan,
I pray to have you forever in my life.

Teri deed meri eid,
Seeing you is a like moment of celebration for me.
Teri hoyi main mureed,
I am your greatest admirer.
Dum tereya duman ch main bharaan,
I have breathe along with you.

Ik pase mera rabb sajjna
There is god on one side;
Ik pase sara jagg sajna,
& the whole world on other side.

Sokha mere layee na tenu shaddna,
It’s not easy for me to leave you.
Tere bina dil naiyo lagna,
I can’t live without you.

Sahi jave na judai sajna
I can not tolerate these distances anymore.
Tere bina dil nahiyo lagna,
My heart doesn’t take it.

Mainu hoya tu ae khaas,
You have become special to me.
Tera hoya ehsaas,
I feel you;
Jadon thandi-thandi paun wagdi,
When there is cold breeze passing.

Tere ishqe da saaz,
The instrument of your love;
Chhede mitha-mitha raag
Strikes soothing chords/melodies in my heart.
Teri har adaa jaave thaggdi,
Because of your styles, I keep falling more & more.

Ik tuhi mere paas howe,
I wish just you to be with me;
Sada janma da saath howe,
And we be together for several lives.

Hor rabb ko main ki mangna
What more would I ask from god.
Tere bina dil naiyo lagna.
Without you, my heart won’t settle down.

Sahi jaawe na judayi sajna
I cannot stand in to be separated from you.
Tere bina dil naiyo lagna.
The heart of mine doesn’t like be without you.

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