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Translation for ‘Kannazhaga Song Lyrics’ sung by Shruti Haasan, Anirudh Ravichander & Dhanush for Tamil film ‘3’. Learn meaning of this track, penned by Dhanush.

3 (Moonu) Tamil movie songs lyrics translation dhanush
Song Name:Kannazhaga (The Kiss of Love)
Album / Movie Name:3 (2012)
Singer(s):Shruti Haasan, Anirudh Ravichander, Dhanush
Lyrics Writer(s):Dhanush
Music Director(s):Anirudh Ravichander
Actor(s):Dhanush, Shruti Haasan
Record Label:(P) 2011 Sony Music Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd.



Kannazhaga Kaalazhaga,
Ponnazhaga Penn Azhaga,
Engaeyo Thaedi Sellum Viral Azhaga,
En Kaigal Korthu Kollum Vidham Azhaga,

ls your beauty from within eyes, limbs or glow of your skin?
Or in the finger beautifully lingering all over me!
Beauty, so divine the way your hands clasp mine?

Uyire Uyire Unaivida Edhuvum,
Uyril Peridhai Illayadi,
Azhage Azhage Unaivida Edhuvum,
Azhagil Azhagaai Illaiyadi,

Love of my life, You are beyond everything in my life, my beloved!
My beauty, you give a complex to the word beauty in all respects!

Engeyo Paarkirai,
Ennenna Solgirai,
Ellaigal Thaandida,
Maayangam Seikirai,

You and your roving eyes speak volumes and appraise.
You have magic on me, crossing every boundary.

Unnakul Paarkiren,
Ulladhai Solgiren,
Unnuyir Serndhida,
Naan Vazhi Paarkiren,

Into you l perceive.
l wear my heart on my sleeve.
To get into the groove.
I’m making my move.

Idhazhum Idhazhum, Innaiyattume,
Pudhidhaai Vazhigal Illai,
Immaigal Moodi Aruginil Vaa,
Idhupol Edhuvum Illai,

Let our lips get pampered primal and unhampered.
Close your eyes, come close.
This is the ultimate lethal dose.

Unnakul Paarkava,
Ulladhai Ketkkava,
Ennuyir Serndhida,
Naan Vazhi Sollava,

Within you shall l explore?
Can l share you hardcore?
To merge into my heart shall l show you the art?

Kannazhage Perazhage,
Penn Azhage Ennazhage,

Your beauty lS from within…
eyes, limbs and glow of your skin!

Uyire Uyire Unaivida Edhuvum,
Uyril Peridhaai Illayadi,

Love of my life.
You are beyond everything in my life, my beloved!


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