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Grab meaning of ‘Filhaal Lyrics’ featuring Akshay Kumar, B Praak with Nupur Sanon. The track title is sometimes searched, spelled as ‘FILHALL SONG.’ Read the English translations of lyrics below.

akshay kumar filhall b praak filhaal lyrics english
Track Title:Filhaal (also spelled as FILHALL)
Artist:B Praak
Composer(s):B Praak
Performer(s):Akshay Kumar, Nupur Sanon
Music Company:DM – Desi Melodies

Find out meaning of each words of the heart wrenching ‘Filhaal Song-lines’, all inked down by lyricist Jaani. Following is the interpretation of Akshay Kumar & B Praak’s latest song ‘FILHAL’ in Punjabi-Hindi fusion songwriting of Jaani.


O Kuch Aisa Kar Kamaal,
Ke Tera Ho Jaaun (x2),
Do something miraculous, so our fate may change and I could become yours.

Main Kisi Aur Ka Hoon Filhall,
Currently I belong to someone else,
Ke Tera Ho Jaaun,
Though I would become yours.

Eh Gall Te Galat Ae,
Jo Vi Kar Reya Jaani,
It may seem completely unfair, what I am doing right now.
Par Eh Vi Dekh Tere Bin,
Kinjh Mar Reya Jaani,
But do take note of how I am yearning for you.

O Mar Jange Lai Sambhal,
Ke Tera Ho Jaaun,
Take care for me or I would die. I wanna be yours.

Mai Kisi Aur Ka Hu Filhaal,
Ke Tera Ho Jaaun,
Currently I belong to someone else, but I desire to be yours.

Mainu Pata Ke Duniya Nu,
Eh Gavara Nahi Ho Sakda,
I know that the people would never accept it.

Par Jhooth Kehnde Ne Saare,
Ke Pyaar Dobaara Nahi Ho Sakda,
Their perception about falling in love for the second time is entirely wrong.

Tu Mainu Puchh Na Koi Sawaal,
Chal Door Kite Mere Naal, Ke Tera Ho Jaaun,
Do not ask me another question. Let’s go somewhere far away from here, so I can be yours.

Main Kisi Aur Ka Hoon Filhaal,
Ke Tera Ho Jaaun (x2),
I am someone else’s love for now. But I desire to be yours.
O Kisi Aur Ka Hoon Filhall,
Ke Tera Ho Jaaun,
Yes, someone else’s love for now. But I wish to be yours.

Hun Rona Main Pachtauna Main,
Ke Chann Ni Hoya Chakor Da,
Now I cry and regret over it that we couldn’t unite as lovers.
Hun Tu Vi Ae Kise Hor Di, Main Vi Aan Kise Hor Da,
Since now you too are somebody else’s beloved, as I am.

Mera Dil Karda Ae Sawaal,
Teri Mohabbat Da Ki Haal, Ke Tera Ho Jaaun,
My hearts also has started question me about our love. I extremely desire to be yours, O dear.

Main Kisi Aur Ka Hoon,
Main Kisi Aur Ka Hu Filhaal,
I am with someone else now. But all I wanna be is yours.

Shayari | Outro | Poetry

Filhaal Toh Yun Hain Ke Kuch Kar Nahi Sakte,
The current circumstances are; that we both are helpless.
Tere Bin Hi Marna Hoga Saath Mar Nahi Sakte,
I will have to die without you, as we are not destined to unite in this life.

Sookhe Se Patte Hain Ek Tehni Pe Lage,
Our current situation is like some dead leaves which are still attached to their branch.
Qismat Toh Dekho Ke Jhad Nahi Sakte,
And the fate is, we’re not allowed to fall at all.
Filhall Toh Yun Hain Ke Kuch Kar Nahi Sakte,
Our situation is like dead leaves which are still attached to their branch.


Hath Chumme

The music video for ‘FILHAAL LYRICS’ feature two lost lovers with their heart-wrenching love story, characters portrayed by Akshay Kumar and Nupur Sanon who is is Kriti Sanon’s sister,film direction is given by Arvindr Khaira. There are some interesting flashback sequences of Akshay and Nupur romancing each other, followed by glimpses of the main vocalist of the track B Praak.


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